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Covering the Corner is looking for a new writer! (Apply by 11/21)

It's true Covering the Corner is looking for a new writer join our staff. To apply, there is a quick form to fill out which you can do in a minute. Before I get to that, though, I want to make it clear what we're looking for so you know if you're a fit for us, and more importantly if we're a fit for you. What we're looking for:Dedicated, passionate Guardians fans first and foremost. I would rather have a sloppy, smart writer who loves the Guards more than someone proficient in AP-style formatting and ready to slap tables hither and thither who doesn't understand the importance of SpongeBob in the Guardians mythos. Previous writing experience is obviously a plus, but if you don't have any kind of resume there are a couple of prompts in the questionnaire you can do as a kind of proving ground. This is a paid position https://www.cgteamstore.com/tobias-myers-hoodie
, but it isn't much, so people with little-to-no writing experience are perfectly fine to apply. Specifically, at the moment, we're looking for someone to fulfill one or two posts per week that can be taking a recap or two, a random short news post, or deeper analysis posts on your own schedule.No matter what kind of article you're interested in doing on a regular basis, Covering the Corner is a statistically-minded blog underneath all the other bizarre things we do, so having a firm grasp of sabermetrics and analytical thinking is a huge plus, as is being able to explain complicated stats for easy reading. Because as much as a lot of our readership love advanced stats, most don't want to wade through a Ph.D. thesis to understand what makes Emmanuel Clase's cutter so good. In short, we're not looking for someone who can just regurgitate stats. We're looking for fun and unique voices. who can also regurgitate stats. Right up front, I also just want to say this is a paid position but don't run out quitting your day job or cramming in a four-year journalism degree to earn a spot writing here. The stipend is, unfortunately, out of my control $100 per month as dictated by a strict budget from Vox. As everyone on the Covering the Corner staff can attest, I try to take that into account with how much I ask of writers I know you're not doing it for much pay and mostly "for exposure, " for whatever that's worth. If that's not enough money for your time, I fully understand. If you are just looking for exposure without even a hint of pressure to write every week for a small stipend, consider dropping a FanPost or two to get some eyes on your work and likely some feedback from the CTC community. Feel free to contact me via email or a DM on Twitter if you have questions https://www.cgteamstore.com/david-fry-hoodie
, but only entries through the form below are being considered. So please fill that out!How to apply: Fill this out, simple as that.