Set Preferences on config.xml

1). Set the api key  
<preference name="shop-checkout-android-api-key" value="API" />
2). Set the shop-checkout-android-box to false if in production
<preference name="shop-checkout-android-sandbox" value="true" />

Implement Androidx

  1. setup androidx for your project by implementing androidx on dependencies in platforms/android/app/build.gradle file
implementation "androidx.core:core:1.0.0"
  1. implement Androidx on platforms/android/

Set Minimium SDK

set the default minimum SDK to version 21 in build.gradle located in platforms/android


App Initialization

For App Initialization, add your API Key to the preference on config.xml by inputting the following command below

<preference  name="shop-checkout-android-api-key" value="YOUR_ANDROID_API_KEY" />

What’s Next