Register & Fetch Your API Key

This is the first step in setting your app up with ShopTopUp Services

In order to access our platform, you will be required to set your business up as a Super Agent on our Platform. You can do this the below process

Via Postman Call

Please send a postman call to the following URL in the below Format


Sample Request

    "businessName": "Test Business",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phoneNumber": "07064315065",
    "password": "111222",
    "address": "Sangotedo Lagos",
    "countryCode": "NG"

Sample Response

  "_id": "YJ5TtkpD8JBbYZZE7",
  "services": {
    "password": {
      "bcrypt": "$2a$10$Ag6yXvBzlRktCqdUbYE2.ezwDyADF.jb7A9CVF7SHyqYWka2Rvt/u"
  "username": "+2347064315065",
  "emails": [
      "address": "[email protected]",
      "verified": false
  "profile": {
    "fullName": "Test Business ",
    "firstname": "Test Business",
    "lastname": null,
    "phoneNumber": null,
    "hasRetailStore": false
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "salesProfile": {
    "salesAreas": null,
    "position": "Nu93jD6MMi5TgEThK"
  "roles": {},
  "tdAdmin": false,
  "history": [],
  "agentProfile": {
    "businessName": "Test Business",
    "phoneNumber": "+2347064315065",
    "countryCode": "NG",
    "agentNetwork": "Test Business",
    "superAgent": true
  "apiKey": "Rt4c9QJtmiHaSbzrWqh279oBHM7NsdD2ze"

This will successfully create your scheme as a Super Agent on ShopTopUp Network.

As you can see, your API key is returned as part of the expected response. Keep it safe, you'll need it later!

What’s Next

Installing the Plugin