Order Dispatched

This event is fired when an order is dispatched for delivery. The dispatch event is triggered by the delivery driver starting his trip. This event provides an opportunity to notify the user about the incoming delivery as well as contact details of the incoming delivery driver

Callback Webhook

Register a callback webhook URL on the developer console. This webhook is called when the event is fired.


The webhook URL is called with the following payload

const doc = {
      amount: data.total,
      createdAt: data.createdAt,
      shippingStatus: data.shippingStatus,
      transactionId: data._id,
      extUserId: data.extUserId,
      deliveryAssigneeName: data.deliveryAssigneeName,
  	  deliveryAssigneePhone: data.deliveryAssigneePhone


Retrieving full transaction details

To retrieve full details of the created order including items ordered, quantities, price, etc. or a list previous transactions, you can call the respective APIs with the transactionId or extUserId respectively